Discover the World of Vintage Disney Clothing

The Push For Sustainable Clothing 

The vintage fashion industry is continuing to grow and with the recent boom in slow fashion and sustainability it is only right. We are now seeing our favourite fashion houses and content creators push for greener practices within fashion. Which is great news for us here at World of Worn!

We feel that vintage clothing is finally becoming the norm, and we couldn't be happier to source and bring you the hottest and latest trends. 

Vintage Disney Clothing

One of our favourite vintage finds is Disney Classics. Spurred on by the launch of Disney + and with 2000’s fashion trending once again, we can see why people are wanting to incorporate Disney styles into their wardrobe. 

With so many vintage styles how do you know which ones are the coolest? Well that's where we come in. Here are our favourite Disney fits that you need to add to your collection today: 


#1 Graphic Park Tees 
Inspired by the iconic Planet Hollywood location tees you see everywhere, we love this Disney version. The graphic park t-shirts come from each of the Disney theme parks from around the world and each showcases an era within Disney culture, marked with the date and park location.
Why not try and source a whole collection of t-shirts from each of the Disney parks!    

#2 Oversized Character Jumpers
When you think of Disney you think of the iconic characters from the films we all know and love, from Mickey to Winnie the Pooh to Buzz Lightyear. And what's better than showing your appreciation for these well-loved characters than wearing them! 
We love how bold and playful character jumpers can be, so choose your favourite Disney hero and find them on a vintage jumper today.

#3 Disney Accessories
We love how vintage accessories can elevate any look, and what's better than standing out from the crowd than with vintage Disney accessories. From retro dad caps, to beanies and fanny packs we are positive you will find something to match your personality and style. 
If you are feeling inspired by our top Disney picks then why not browse our full Disney range of vintage clothing today.

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At World of Worn we love all things vintage and we are constantly on the lookout and sourcing the best vintage items so that we can make your wardrobe pop and stand out from the crowd. 

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