Get the Most From Your Workout With Vintage Sportswear

Comfort is the ultimate style. The popularity of vintage sportswear has exploded in recent years, with classic activewear now-iconic during workouts and as an everyday wardrobe staple. Not merely stylish, vintage gym clothes are comfortable too, thanks to the classic loose-fitting design that dominates the retro sporting scene.

Vintage sportswear is an excellent choice for getting active, thanks to the very same durable and versatile sporting apparel that designer brands have produced in the past. Performance never goes out of style, so here are some reasons to go vintage with your sportswear wardrobe.

Woman posing while squatting and wearing classic Adidas trainers, a vintage jacket and vintage sunglasses.

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion in Sportswear

Fast fashion is out, sustainable fashion choices are in. There’s no reason this shouldn’t apply to gym clothes as well, with vintage activewear consistently impressing over the years. Jogging bottoms, classic tennis shorts and breathable sweaters have exploded in popularity as contemporary gym-goers rediscover the timeless quality of vintage sportswear. 

Making sustainable choices for your wardrobe has never looked so good. The practice of reusing and recycling is a great fit for the fashion industry, especially when the garments on offer are of the quality that classic brands like Nike, Adidas and Champion are known for.

Versatile and Affordable Gym Clothes

A major point in favour of vintage clothing is the price. As consumers and the fashion industry alike increase their commitment to sustainability, vintage sportswear becomes more accessible. In turn, this increase in availability makes vintage fitness apparel more affordable. 

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect workout sweatshirt at an unbeatable price. The fact that it’s a vintage item also makes it rarer, meaning you can effortlessly stand out in the gym, at the track or on the field. Or, of course, during a Joe Wicks home workout – there’s nothing wrong with looking good while going it alone!

Stylish, Colourful and Made to Last

As we all know, gym clothes are about more than just comfort – they’re made to look good as well. Vintage fashion has appeal not just for its timeless quality and affordability but also for the tasteful retro styles that have recently exploded in popularity.

Loose-fitting for comfort, contemporary fashion has rightly borrowed from the past to deliver comfort and style to the present. This is particularly ideal considering vintage apparel has a lasting quality that’s evidenced by its long lifespan. 

A smiling woman wearing a crop top and jogging bottoms while posing on a grassed area.

Top Vintage Picks for Your Sportswear Wardrobe

If you’re looking for a true classic, Nike and Adidas are fantastic options; the brilliant Nike sweatshirts and Adidas tracksuits of the past are iconic to this day. Champion is another great retro brand that’s often underappreciated – everything they offer, from their t-shirts to their track pants, is made to be high-functioning and high-quality. Reebok, Puma and Ellesse are some other vintage sportswear mainstays – keep it locked to our New In section to be sure you don’t miss any snazzy drops!

Cop Dazzling Vintage Sportswear from World of Worn

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