How TikTok Has Empowered Vintage Fashion

TikTok… we all know and love it. It’s provided us with tutorials and inspiration for just about anything - and made our screen time go through the roof in the process. It only takes one person to rave about a product and it’ll be sold out in a matter of minutes. While certain products or trends have come and gone, the hype around vintage fashion has become a continuous trend on the platform with a new vintage clothing style going viral every few months. 

As a result, the demand for vintage clothing online has now seen drastic increase. From the vintage bohemian style to Y2K halter-neck tops and skorts, almost every fashion trend has had its moment on TikTok. Let’s take a look at the most viral vintage clothing trends at the moment. 

TikTok’s Y2K Vintage Clothing Online Trend

Without a doubt, the 2000’s inspired ‘Y2K’ trend has stuck around significantly. After pictures of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears rocking skorts and halter-neck vests emerged, Gen Z went crazy for 2000’s inspired pieces. Including low waist flared jeans, cropped colourful vests, oversized velour tracksuits, bucket hats and tiny shoulder bags, this trend seems to be sticking around for good. Oh, and double denim? We can’t lie - we love it!


80’s & 90’s Vintage Clothing Inspo 


80’s and 90’s inspired vintage clothing online has also seen a drastic increase since TikTok’s uprising. Blue mom jeans, graphic t-shirts, oversized sweatshirts and Dr. Marten style boots are now more common than the trusted pair of skinny jeans. As of last year, sweater vests, biker shorts and blazers have also seen a great comeback and are sought out from vintage stores and second hand shops all over the country. TikTok also considers Princess Diana to be a style icon of the 90’s - her combination of an oversized jumper, biker shorts, long white socks and pumps is our personal favourite! A really easy and affordable outfit to put together; the 80’s/90’s style is a trend that’s here to stay. 


The 1970’s Prairie Dress on TikTok

The Prairie Vintage Dress is an absolute must have for the summer of 2021. Laura Ashley, the Welsh fashion designer, had a significant part to play in the popularity of this style of dress in the 1970’s - her vintage Prairie dresses still cost hundreds of pounds to this day. TikTok has reintroduced this style of dress just in time for the summer of 2021. Featuring deep ruffles or flounces in tiers, this dress is long, flowy but mostly fitted around the bust. This is a beautiful vintage clothing trend we’re hoping will come back next summer!


The 70’s Bohemian Vintage Style

Potentially one of the most significant trends of vintage clothing online and on TikTok right now is the 1970’s, bohemian or ‘hippy’ style. This great era saw flared jeans, wide leg trousers, colourful prints, dungarees, flowery dresses and long skirts. This style has become so popular this summer that almost every mainstream fashion brand has introduced a 70’s inspired range. Sourcing real vintage pieces from vintage clothing stores such as World of Worn is a great way to be sustainable, while actually immersing yourself in the luxury of real vintage clothing. Furthermore, you’ll most likely be the only person at the party with a truly unique outfit! 


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