Summer Vintage Style You Can’t Miss Out On

Finally, the UK is heating up for the summer! It’s time to whip out those 90’s shorts, breezy tropical shirts and light summer dresses. Whatever your summer style, there’s a classy vintage look for you – stand out in the sunshine and tear up the beach with this guide to some of our favourite summer vintage styles.

Baggy T-shirts

For those sunny days when you want to stay cool with a little extra coverage, a vintage baggy t-shirt will do the trick. They look fantastic over shorts and leggings, or loosely tucked into denim hotpants. This is the perfect unisex vintage item for your summer wardrobe – a true staple for warmer days. Order in a size or two larger than your usual fit to nail the look!


Summer Dresses

Perfect for a day out or worn over your swimsuit on the beach, a summer dress is a must for the ladies. They’re versatile in both fit and pattern, with both luscious floral designs and simple pastel colours popular in vintage styles. Summer dresses are a timeless clothing item, and the look is masterfully elevated with an eye-catching vintage dress.

Easy, Breezy Short Sleeve Shirts

A button-up, short sleeve shirt is a mainstay in vintage summer fashion. Vintage short sleeve shirts are often made from thinner material; perfect for hot days when you need some buttoned versatility. They also work with just about any outfit and can be worn as an outer layer when you want to mix things up. For an extra bold islandly look, go for a tropical pattern – we know you want to.


Fabulous Vintage Shorts

As far as unmissable vintage styles go, classic shorts are right up there. From baggy sporty fits to hardy denim, there’s a wide range of options to choose from to suit your style. For the ladies, high-waisted cotton shorts are very popular, while the gents might prefer a pair of retro sailing shorts. Whatever you opt for, there’s a look for you.


Revitalised Hats and Caps

Keep the sun off your face with a vintage hat. Full of character and with some timeless but inimitable designs, a retro-styled cap is a must when catching some sun. A hat is often the first thing someone else will notice about your outfit, so a bold design is a perfect statement to complement your summer vintage fashion. From peaked caps to bucket hats, the world of vintage headwear is vast and full of character.


Last But Not Least – Vintage Dungarees

Dungarees have made a comeback in the last few years, and this vintage style has shown no signs of receding ever since. They pair well with most other summer vintage styles, from t-shirts to tank tops and even short-sleeved collared shirts. Available in short or long leg cuts and a multitude of materials and styles, they are a fantastic, versatile overall for all summer lovers. Pro tip: Pair them with a sturdy pair of sandals for ultimate comfort and style this summer.


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