The Beginner’s Guide to 80’s Style

With the revival of vintage, 80’s fashion is now a regular street style. From big shoulder pads and bold colours, to oversized jumpers and retro sportswear, use our vintage guide to find out what was acceptable in the 80’s, and use it to transform your look today:


Bold Style, Vibrant Colours


80’s fashion wasn’t afraid of making a statement. Bold, vibrant colours are typical of the decade’s style, in a mix of designs – from bold blocks of colour to swirling, ambitious patterns. You won’t find washed out colours that blend into the background here – for the ultimate 80’s look be prepared to mix patterns together for an ultimate stand-out look.


Eclectic Wardrobes


Mix up your look by pairing anything – and everything – together in true 80’s style. Don’t be afraid to mix striking patterns together with an 80’s look – those clashing pieces could turn into your biggest wardrobe compliment. Statement jumpers, jackets, leggings and dresses can all be matched for the ultimate outfit.


Oversized Jumpers


80’s baggy styles are perfect for those looking for a comfortable wear! When buying your vintage piece keep in mind that the fit on jumpers and hoodies was made to be oversized, and that many tops typically have a baggy ‘winged’ section under the arms. 


Shoulder Pads


Shoulder pads were big in the 80’s – giving plenty of attitude to any outfit. Make a stand with a boss outfit that will show you mean business on any occasion! 


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