The Rise of Vintage Ethical Fashion

All you have to do today is look online or walk out of your front door to see someone wearing a vintage piece of clothing. However, it may come as a shock, but vintage fashion has been around since the 60s. 

Where it used to be hand me downs and pass alongs, since the 60s a lot has changed regarding what vintage clothing means. But why has it seemingly exploded over the past couple of years?

Let’s find out...

The Rise of Recycling: Vintage Clothing & Sustainability

It’s no surprise that younger generations are greener than ever before! 

Recycling, environmental protests and veganism. Everyone is more aware of the impact they are having on the environment, and how they can make a positive change.

Now you can be green and look great, by supporting cyclical fashion and wearing vintage. 

We all know how harmful fast fashion is for both the environment and for workers. So by shopping vintage we are not only doing our bit to help the earth by discouraging the production of more throw-away fashion, but we are also getting a much better quality, one of a kind products at a better price. So, it comes as no surprise that people are now looking to spend their money elsewhere. We no longer want to support companies that don’t share our ideals and ethics.

By turning to vintage and ethically sourced clothing, we know that we are both preventing clothing go to landfill, as well as stopping the chain of fast fashion. 

By doing something as simple as shopping for vintage t-shirts instead of picking one up from a huge store, we can reduce tonnes of unnecessary material waste and make a stand against large-scale pollution.

We don’t just recycle our plastic and tins. Now we recycle our clothing.

Vintage & Ethical Clothing Helps Yo Stand Out From The Crowd

By turning to vintage fashion, you can pick up distinctly unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else whilst expressing your own creativity. 

Who really wants to meet up with friends to find that you are all wearing the exact same thing? We sure don’t!

For many, our sense of individuality is as important as our fashion is. By finding unique pieces that are no longer in production, we open up a new sense of individuality and self-expression, whilst helping to save the planet. We can follow trends without following the crowd.


Vintage & Ethical Clothing Is A Lifestyle, Not A Trend

Vintage and ethical clothing is more than a trend.

As we said earlier, everyone is going green. But we are thinking of more than just being environmental. We love a bargain and finding character and charm in a vintage piece is so much more rewarding than shopping off a rack.

Vintage pieces usually last longer than fast fashion, and when we shop vintage we know the quality we are getting with the value. We can find timeless classics. A classic vintage piece has truly stood the test of time.

This goes further than the clothes we wear. We’re shopping for vintage china, vintage coffee tables, vintage sofas and vintage accessories. You can even shop for vintage ski wear nowadays. 

It’s about finding the charm in something we want to hold onto and pass on.

Vintage tee

Vintage & Ethical Clothing Is All Around Us

Charity shops used to get a pretty bad rep. They were never seen as the place to shop to get your hands on the waviest garms. 

Now our attitude has changed, and vintage fashion has evolved. Not only do we turn to charity shops to find the latest vintage bargains, but online shopping for vintage and ethical clothing is also a whole lot easier than it used to be.

Vinted, Depop, eBay, World of Worn. We have an unlimited amount of options available to us. 

With so many places to pick up used and fashionable clothing, why would we shop fast fashion?

Shop Vintage & Ethical Clothing With Us Today

At World of Worn, you can get your hands on unique and sustainable fashion. Stand out from the crowd and do your part for the environment. 

We aim to slow down fast fashion and its environmental impact. By shopping with us, you can take a step towards a greener future.