The Ultimate Guide to Men's Vintage Clothing

Vintage menswear has taken off in recent years becoming more and more popular each year. In a world dominated by female fronting trends, vintage clothing is full of fashionable mens styles.
Vintage clothing includes anything, from mainstream fashion to haute couture labels, machine or hand-made, we stock it all!


Why Shop Vintage?

Shopping vintage is no longer seen as uncool with the recent boom in sustainable fashion, men are turning to vintage stores to stock up on the coolest designer brands. Everything we do at World of Worn is with sustainability in mind. Our mission is to stop fast fashion through promoting circular fashion.

Choosing vintage products at World of Worn gives you the confidence that your next outfit is not harming the environment. Find out more about our sustainable practices today.


How to Get Involved?

Shopping vintage clothing has never been easier, we have hundreds of products to choose from, stocking big named brands such as Champion, Nike, Adidas and many more.

We source all of our items authenticity, giving each garment a new lease of life. Our garments are all sold in great condition and, in the case of some of our rarest finds – restored to their former glory! We drop items daily so be sure to follow us on social media to get an exclusive look and bag a bargain! 


Which Items Should I Shop Vintage?

Not only do we want to stop the purchasing of fast fashion items we also want to tackle overconsumption. Overconsumption is buying excessively and more than we need. Did you know that 87% of textiles from fashion is burnt or sent to landfill. That's roughly one garbage truck of clothes being landfilled every second across the world.

With this in mind we suggest buying staple pieces that will elevate your wardrobe, make a note of items you feel you are missing from your wardrobe and shop these items vintage!


Or must have vintage recommendations:

Vintage Sportswear

Vintage sportswear is making a big comeback and with good reason; it’s trendy, stylish and fashionable. Look out for retro football jerseys, one of a kind vintage sport jackets and unique team vintage jumpers! Shop our wide range of vintage sports brand t-shirts, sweaters and more, here.

Vintage Streetwear

Instead of heading to high street brands for all your streetwear needs head to World of Worn and shop our latest drops of vintage streetwear. Choose from brands such as Nike, North Face, Champion, we have it all!

Luxury Brands

When checking out our stock don't be surprised to see a few luxury brands pop up and for a fraction of the price too! Don't splurge on designers items when they can be found vintage and in mint condition!

Vintage Accessories

To complete your new vintage fit choose from our wide range of vintage accessories. You can't go wrong with a vintage sports cap to bring an outfit together! Shop our huge range of vintage caps, here.


Shop vintage men's clothing online

Shopping sustainably has never been easier, we put in the hard work to bring you the hottest styles and unique pieces to make your wardrobe stand out. Browse our range today and create your own unique look! Shop our full vintage range here, or get in touch with our team today to find out more!