The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Vintage Clothing

Sustainable style is the future of fashion. Consumers are increasingly buying timeless clothing to elevate their wardrobes, and with good reason; nothing beats the tried-and-tested quality of a pre-loved garment from eras past.

If you’re after the hottest vintage women’s clothing styles, look no further – we’ve crafted this handy guide to take your wardrobe to the next level this year and beyond.


Vintage Tee

Vintage Clothing for The Ethical Woman 

Vintage women’s clothing is now immensely popular and has become more affordable in recent years. It’s never been easier to shop for classic styles online – while once expensive, the increased demand has seen vintage clothes undercut even fast-fashion prices. 

This increased accessibility means it’s never been easier to shop for vintage clothing. When bought from a reliable vendor, you can’t go wrong. The reduced impact on the environment is huge – around 350,000 tonnes of clothing are sent to landfills every year.

Sustainable fashion is attempting to push back against this clothing waste. By shopping for vintage women’s clothing, we can make a real change – and look great while doing so.

Women’s Vintage Styles

These are some of our favourite fashion staples for the vintage-inspired woman – but this is by no means an exhaustive list!

Women’s Shirts

Colourful, vibrant and timeless, a good vintage shirt is a boon in any woman’s wardrobe. From embroidered denim to a light and breezy geometric-patterned shirt, a vintage shirt is the centrepiece of any outfit.


Skirts and Dresses

As fashion reflects on past styles as brings them to a modern era, a vintage dress or skirt will set you apart from the crowd. Floral patterns and classic collars are all the rage, and when paired with a nice pair of sandals, your outfit will transport you back to the golden era.


Loose-fitting trousers are a current vintage trend that is both comfortable and stylish. Vintage track pants are instantly recognisable for their classic designs, while a vintage pair of affordable Levi’s will continue to endure.

Vintage Fashion: Affordable Luxury Clothing

It’s not uncommon to find designer brands in vintage stores, often at a fraction of the original price with little or no sacrifice on the original quality. Finds like these are rare enough to be rewarding when found, but World of Worn sources enough designer items to ensure you’ll snag a real bargain!

Designer clothing from past seasons has another neat benefit: because vintage items are often sourced individually and are old enough to be discontinued, you have the chance to find a truly unique item from a world-renowned brand. This will give your wardrobe some exclusivity while also being more affordable than buying new clothing from the same brand.

While the performance of fast fashion items is often called into question, vintage clothing has been proven to last. When reliably sourced, restored and resold, vintage garments add a classic flair to any outfit with hard-wearing and durable quality.



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World of Worn is proud to source and sell some truly incredible vintage fashion. We regularly find unique classic garments and sell them at an affordable price – without major sacrifices on quality. Women of all ages will find something delightful in our ever-changing range – check back often to be sure you don’t miss out on any exciting finds!

Women’s vintage fashion doesn’t end here. See our blog on some 2021 vintage fashion trends or our ultimate guide to men’s vintage clothing for even more inspiration.

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