The World Of Worn Guide To Vintage Sportswear

When a lot of people think of vintage clothing, they think of vintage dresses and jackets - after all, these are two of the latest vintage fashion trends. However, there is just as much vintage sportswear to be found out there, now that it is going through a revival. Vintage sportswear is making a big comeback and with good reason; it’s trendy, stylish and fashionable. 

Made For Performance – And Style 

With many original vintage sportswear pieces made for the track, you’ll enjoy high quality and long-life from each vintage sportswear item. 80’s and 90’s retro sportswear benefits from big logos and a bright palette, ensuring that you’ll stand out with each wear. 

Wearing something vintage shows that you didn’t simply go to the local high street to find an item, you made an effort to source something unique. Rather than having the same sportswear as everyone else, you can enjoy wearing something slightly different, while still pulling off a trendy vintage look.

Popular Vintage Sportswear Brands

We couldn’t talk about vintage sportswear brands without talking about Adidas. Though Adidas is still hugely popular as a current brand, their older clothing also occupies a spot among the latest vintage fashion trends. Nike is another modern sportswear brand that is also very popular in the online vintage world, especially when it comes to basketball jerseys. From Fila and Puma, to Ellesse and Reebok, shop our wide range of vintage sports brand t-shirts, sweaters and more, here

Finish Your Look With A Retro Cap 

Despite t-shirts and jerseys being popular, it’s vintage caps that many people favour. Retro caps guarantee a unique finish to your look. Choosing vintage sportswear caps often give you access to brighter, bolder designs. Shop our huge range of vintage caps, here

Online Vintage Sportswear

At World of Worn, our team is passionate about the latest vintage fashion trends – and that includes vintage sportswear. Though there are a lot of modern sportswear options, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a vintage item and the vibrant style that a retro design brings. When you choose an online vintage sportswear piece, you’re choosing an item that has been well made, designed for performance and created to last. Plus, there’s a high chance that you’ll be the only one wearing it. 

If you like vintage sportswear, you will be pleased to know that there’s something to suit everyone. To find out more about our online vintage sportswear, get in touch with the World of Worn team or see our blog on what's hot for 2021 vintage fashion.