Top Tips For Caring For Your Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing can often be precious items that have already survived being battered by the elements and the washing machine over the years. Understandably, you want the best for your retro pieces so looking after them can be important. We want to help guide you through the best ways to look after your favourite items of clothing and here are our top tips for caring for your vintage clothing.

#1. Store in a dry and dust free place

Where you keep your clothes can have an impact on their quality. Keeping clothes protected from dust, dirt and direct sunlight can really help. You also want to avoid the clothes being damp as this can impair the delicate materials, whereas sunlight will fade vintage colours over time.

#2. How to hang your clothes

Putting your clothing on hangers might seem like a simple one, but how you go about this will extend the lifespan of your best clothes. Opt for wooden hangers over metal ones as metal can impact the material with rust stains. For even better protection, consider using padded hangers for the ultimate soft touch.  When hanging tops and t-shirts don’t wedge the hanger in through the neck, start from the bottom and push the hook of the hanger through the top. This will avoid stretching the material as you go.

#3. Spot wash when you can

Clothes don’t always need a full wash in the washing machine and the dirty areas can often be dabbed clean or brushed to remove any debris. The less your vintage items go through the wash the better, plus it's better for the environment, it's a win-win.

#4. Let your clothes air out

More often than not, if you think your clothes have got a bit of a smell, letting them air out by hanging them in fresh air will remove the odour. Hang the clothes inside out to give them the best chance of cleaning themselves naturally.

#5. 30 degrees please

Your vintage clothes will love you for washing them on a 30 degree heat where possible. Combine this with gentle cycles to care for your clothing, helping it to last a little longer. Every little helps!

#6. Check for weaknesses or defects

Keep an eye out for weak seams or areas of thinning. Caring for your items along the way will be better off in the long run; afterall prevention is better than cure. If you spot any parts that need a bit of TLC, tend to them sooner rather than later for a smaller repair.

#7. Say no to stuck zips

There’s nothing worse than the zip on your favourite jacket becoming stuck or even worse, fully breaking. A couple of handy tips for zips include keeping it lubricated with vaseline or zip lube. This will ensure your zip stays fully functioning for years to come.

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