Why Sustainable Clothing is on the Rise

Vintage clothing is in demand! As consumers demand more sustainable solutions to throwaway clothing retail, there has been a huge shift away from fast fashion and a focus towards more eco-friendly forms of shopping. Thrift stores and vintage boutiques are seeing a huge surge in popularity – and at World of Worn, we’re delighted that more people are beginning to understand and embrace the importance of sustainable clothing.


Why is Sustainability so Important? 


The fast fashion industry turns over 100 billion garments of clothing each year – making it one of the most polluting industries in the world alongside oil. Over 300,000 tonnes of clothing are sent to landfills in the UK alone each year and, with trends constantly changing, consumers are pressured into buying increasing volumes of clothing to keep up. The impact that the fashion industry is having on our environment is huge, and it’s time for a change.


Giving Clothing a Second Life


Sustainable clothing gives quality garments a second life. We believe that clothing that has a life, has a future, and by making the choice to give it a second chance, you’re helping to slow the affects that fast fashion is having on the world.


Sustainable Clothing Means Affordable Clothing

Sustainable clothing isn’t just good for the planet, it can also be good for your pocket too. Vintage stores source treasured pieces from luxury and unique brands. Get leading designers and one-off pieces at a fraction of their original price. Vintage finds are often high quality, long-lasting pieces that are designed to stand the test of time, giving you great value for your purchase. 


Guilt-Free Purchases With Sustainable Retail


A rising number of shoppers are continuously looking for more eco-friendly ways to shop, and vintage revival is the answer. Make purchases guilt-free and banish the post-purchase regret by knowing that your contribution is helping create a retail ecosystem that can support the future. 


Shop Vintage Clothing Today


At World of Worn, our mission is to curate high quality sustainable clothing collections that help grow our audiences’ love for vintage. We’re working to change the mindsets of the world and their outlook on recycling and sustainability – and we need your help! To find out more about the work we do and to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, follow us on Facebook today.