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A World of Vintage Fashion Revival 

Our Story

World of Worn is a family-run sustainable vintage fashion brand. From high-end brands to timeless collections, we handpick worn clothing that is curated to the highest quality, in line with current and past trends.

Its time to give vintage clothes a second chance… If it has a past, it deserves a future!

At World of Worn, we are thinking big and taking even bigger steps! Over 300,000 tonnes of clothing are sent to landfills in the UK each year. It is our mission to change the mindsets of the world and their outlook on recycling and sustainability, especially in the overlooked world of used clothing. Our packaging is also all 100% biodegradable.


Our Values

World of Worn live by a set of firm values: energy, quality and sustainability. But just what does that mean to our team?

Energy - vintage is our passion, and we bring a spark of creativity and bundles of liveliness to every project we work on. We delight in sourcing unique finds, eclectic picks and diverse products that will wow our customers.

Quality - we source authentic, high quality garments and give them a new life. Our garments are all sold in great condition and, in the case of some of our rarest finds – restored to their former glory. We’re proud to sell garments that have a rich history, and will stand the test of time in their new homes.

Sustainability - everything we do is with sustainability in mind. We aim to try to slow down fast fashion, and educate about the benefits of circular retail practices. This impacts the way we do business – from sourcing stock and packaging products, through to the recycling and waste reduction in our team’s daily lives.

Sourcing Unique Vintage Fashion

World of Worn is known for its diverse range of vintage thrifts. From retro sports jerseys to vibrant patterned shirts, we source one-of-a-kind garments that will make you stand out. And when we see something we like, we curate a tailored collection around it – like our Warner Bros and Disney range. 

We Deliver Timeless & Sustainable Fashion Trends

Sustainability is one of the biggest drivers of our business. We believe that shopping vintage is an incredibly important part of a eco-friendly lifestyle, and we’re passionate about creating an outlet where you don’t have to surrender style in exchange for sustainability. We let this ethos influence everything about our business, so join us in the vintage movement as we work towards a brighter, sustainable future. 


Why Buy Vintage?

Vintage gives clothing, that would otherwise be destined straight for landfill, a second life, and a chance to be reborn – preventing waste and slowing the impact of the industry. Vintage is a positive choice for the environment, and a guilt-free decision that shoppers can make.


Our voice has been featured in a number of articles on sustainability, vintage fashion and start-up enterprises. We can also lend products for press and production opportunities. For all press enquiries, please contact Annie at


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