Shop our collection of vintage skirts and dresses because there is also space in your wardrobe for these retro pieces. No matter what the occasion you can find a vintage skirt or dress to match; think groovy 80’s patterns, standout two pieces, bohemian maxi dresses, floral features and priceless pencil skirts. Shop our specially selected vintage top picks!

Dazzling Patterns

With vintage it’s a given that you can find the quirkiest and coolest patterns out there. Whether it was meant to be or a mistake at the time, somehow those designs work again and look remarkable. We are confident that in our skirts and dresses collection you will find the perfect pattern for you!


Fantastic Fits and Where to Find Them

Vintage skirts and dresses come in all sorts of styles and shapes; figure hugging shirt dresses, silky slip dresses, iconic miniskirts and 80’s flowing floral items. We list all of our skirts and dresses on our site and we include the size on the label and the recommended size to help you get the fit that is just right for you. We understand that things don’t always fit the way you want them to and with vintage this can be eternal love or painstaking heartbreak. Our offer is that all items can be returned and issued with a refund. You can find more shipping and returns information here.


Mix and Match Our Vintage Picks

Vintage was made to be together and with skirts and dresses you can do just that. Go for a retro skirt and a vintage tee tucked or take it one step further and add a chunky jumper on top. Whether you're going for a more classic look or adding vintage in with a modern twist, skirts and dresses are perfect for that.


Rare and Unknown Gems

With skirts and dresses it’s not always about the battle of the brands, there are those unheard-of wonders hidden at the back of the rails; or in our case, mixed in amongst other products on the page. We keep our whole range of skirts and dresses visible to you on our collection page. Stay up to date with our latest drops on our Instagram.


Add on Accessories

We know that vintage doesn’t end with skirts and dresses and that’s why we dedicate an area to retro accessories. You will find a wide range of caps, bucket hats, belts, bags and much more! Scroll through our favourite accessory picks, we’re sure there will be something in there that you’ll love!


Revive Retro

We are passionate about giving clothes a second chance, another loving home and ditching fast fashion. Vintage items are making a comeback and it’s because of our wonderful customers that help to make this happen. Cast out clothing is cool, and the right items can make a great impression. View our full range of retro skirts and dresses here.