From graphic tees and band merchandise, to retro sports tops and vintage basketball jerseys, our t-shirt collection is filled with a treasure trove of unique vintage picks to add to your collection! Shop our wide range of retro must-have tops and make our vintage designs the staple of your wardrobe.


High Quality Vintage T-Shirts

Made to last – and given a second life. Our vintage t-shirt picks are all sourced from high-end brands and curated to the highest quality, in line with current and past trends. Enjoy premium t-shirts with a past with our collection of stylish t-shirts today!


Vintage Graphic T-Shirts

Pick up a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that will make you stand out. Our eye-catching vintage graphic designs include classic Warner Bros cartoons, Disney characters, films and popular culture references. Enjoy throwback designs and vibrant styles that will set you apart in the crowd.


Iconic Retro Band T-Shirts

Reflect your musical tastes in the most stylish way possible with our range of vintage band prints. Our retro band t-shirts cover 70’s, 80’s and 90’s icons, with some of the most well-known album covers and logos in pop culture.


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Our range of vintage sports t-shirts were made for high-performance – and now you can give them a second life! From Adidas and Nike, to Reebok and Fila, we stock some of the biggest 90’s sporting brands in our collection. Made for both training and lifestyle-wear, our t-shirts are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


Vintage Basketball Jerseys

Support your NBA team in style. Retro designs have made a comeback this year at the championships, and now you can reflect your pride with our retro basketball picks. From the East Coast’s Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets, to the West Coast LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors, you can get the chance to get your hands on some unique throwback sporting team tops!


Finish Your Look With Vintage Accessories


Complete your outfit with a vintage accessory that will enhance your style. From sporting rucksacks and vibrant bumbags, to retro Disney caps and flamboyant bucket hats, our treasure trove of vintage accessories ensures you’ll find a must-have piece to make your outfit pop! Shop our range of accessories, here.


Vintage T-Shirts For The Sustainable Shopper


At World of Worn, our aim is to slow down fast fashion and the impact it has on our environment. It’s time to give vintage clothes a second chance – and it’s easier than ever with our one-of-a-kind stylish picks! Shop timeless collections from high-ends brands and, with our wide range of shirt designs, you’re guaranteed to find a top to suit every occasion. Find out more about our sustainable ethos, here.