Dickies never dies.

Crafted with long-lasting quality in mind, the Dickies brand is world-renowned for the hardiness with which its clothing is crafted. Because of their ethos that focuses on design superiority, Dickies has become both a fashion staple and an essential supplier of workwear since its inception in 1922.

Founded in Texas to meet the needs of ranch workers in the region, Dickies has subsequently expanded worldwide to provide everyday workwear to a wide range of industries, as well as craft memorable streetwear for everyday use.


Versatile Dickies Clothing for Every Occasion

Iconic in both industrial settings and on the street, Dickies is one of the world’s most adaptable clothing brands. Stylish and multipurpose, Dickies outerwear never fails to deliver as both lasting workwear and as an everyday staple. 

World of Worn is constantly on the lookout for vintage Dickies items that have stood the test of time, and we’re proud to offer regular drops of newly sourced pieces. Nowhere is Dickies’ knack for superior design more present than in a pre-loved and sturdy Dickies gilet or a pair of finely stitched trousers.


Awesome Dickies Jackets and Waterproofs

With an eye for functional and form-fitting design, Dickies jackets provide all the comfort and utility you need. Dickies waterproofs are some of the finest you can find to keep you dry, while their thickly woven work jackets boast eye-catching designs and are brimming with secure pockets to house your valuables.

We often have Dickies jackets and coats in stock, so be sure to keep an eye out for our regularly available new finds.


Functional, Fashionable, Long-Lasting Dickies Shirts

Shirts are one of the clothing items we as consumers often go through the fastest, so it says a lot about Dickies’ design quality that you can often find a second-hand Dickies T-shirt in perfect condition.

The perfect complement to the protective material of Dickies outerwear, Dickies shirts and T-shirts provide the same long-lasting quality with less of the rigidity that outer layers need to remain functional. The eye-catching, Texas-themed Dickies logo pops in any setting, as do their often playful but classy designs.


Cop the Iconic Dickies 874 and Other Dickies Trousers

Dickies trousers are arguably what propelled the brand into mainstream success. In particular, the endlessly fashionable Dickies 874 trouser model has become a mainstay piece of clothing in demanding work environments and with skaters alike. 

The endlessly fashionable cuffed leg subtly draws the eye and prevents fraying, while the sturdy and hard-wearing fabric guards against impacts. Dickies trousers are immensely popular, so keep an eye out in our trousers store to be sure you’re first in line when we get new stock in!

High-Quality Dickies Outfits to Bolster Your Wardrobe

World of Worn stocks a constant flow of one-off vintage Dickies clothing items. Keep an eye on our versatile catalogue for all your fashion needs and more information, find out why sustainable shopping is such a popular and attractive practice.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our Dickies acquisitions – we’d be happy to update you on future drops where possible.